About This Site

My Corvette GTP Info site came about from my long love affair with this
incredible car.  I have been a Corvette hobbyist since the late 1960's.  When the
Corvette GTP came along in the mid 1980's I was captivated by it.  It was the
first time since the Corvette Grand Sport of 1963, and even it's earlier cousins
like the Corvette SS and Stingray Racer, that Chevrolet had made an attempt to
really go racing.

Over the years I have collected every piece of Corvette GTP memorabilia that I
could find.  I can tell you stories about almost buying the very first Corvette GTP
after its first race season, talking with Hendricks Motorsports about their first
cars, the Eagle GTP's and more.  As you browse through my site, you'll see and
understand my passion for the cars.

Anything you might have to share about the cars will be appreciated, and if
applicable, certainly included in the site.

This site is a work in progress.  Stay tuned.

                                                               Tom Christmann
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